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Re: Not sure if I should trust my gut or not, help me please?!

Originally Posted by UnderTheStars View Post
He had a bunch of blood tests done along with a urine test recently, all were normal including glucose. However, we weren't expecting to do any tests that day and so he didn't fast prior to that so I don't know if that alters the results significantly enough?
It's actually better that he didn't fast if they were testing for T1 diabetes. In the early stages, blood sugar can return to normal after a long time without eating so it may show that his blood sugar is fine. However, if a kid is developing diabetes, his blood sugar will be elevated after eating because his body can't handle the carbs that fast. Eventually, (by the time they are really sick) it won't matter when they test, blood sugar will always be high. But in the beginning stages, not necessarily.
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