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Re: Anyone considering vasectomy an option?

My husband had one last year. It took FOREVER to get a clear lab sample, though. Like just last month finally.

I am waaaay too fertile to not have something permanent done. I'd already carried and birthed 3 children. It was his turn to take one for the team. More children would be detrimental to our financial well-being, so it was this route or the government assistance route.

There's no denying that there are risks. You have to weigh the benefits and the risks and figure out what's right for your family. I know there was one person on here that I can think of who has chimed in on other vasectomy discussions and said her DH regrets having it done very much because there were long-lasting complications. On the other hand, vasectomies have been taking place for decades. You just don't see a lot of public outcry against them because they are generally quite safe.

My dad had a vasectomy and he also had prostate cancer, but how do you link those 2 things? He also smoked cigarettes and had a poor diet and a family history, so it's hard to know the exact cause.
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