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Re: Do your SO's pants

Originally Posted by somo_chickenlady View Post
Yep, his pants cover his underwear at all times. So does DS' pants. We do not allow sagging in our house.

Pull up your pants!!!
this is us.

DH and I have decided that if our son should ever decide to be rebellious and start sagging his pants, we will wait until we are in Wal Mart and then pull them down to his ankles. Yup, we're mean. And I do not care.

I don't want my kid walking around looking like a little thug. Besides that, we have clothes that FIT him, we own belts if his pants (for whatever reason) don't fit him, it's dangerous as he could trip, it's a trend that started in the prison system for inmates to let other men know they were "available", and I think it looks just plain RIDICULOUS.
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