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Originally Posted by JennTheMomma

Um I was saying that the people I know who declined were tested to see if they carried the gene to pass on. If they didn't carry it then they didn't test for it since there wasn't a gene to pass to the baby. Since it's rare, they felt like it was better to just get tested instead of having baby tested.
This doesnt make sense....

NOT all 29 of the tested for conditions on the ONE test are genetic. When the test is repeated at 2 weeks old the same 29 conditions are tested for. Just because a parent doesnt have a gene for a certain disease that is tested for does not mean their baby cant have the disease.

One that is screened for in all states is Congenital adrenal hyperplasia. It is not passed from parents and can make a child very sick. Its random. Without the newborn screen you would never know your child had it until it caused an issue that isnt reversible....

Pku is only ONE condition that is tested for on the pku test.

And BTW 90 to 99 percent of babies with one of the 29 conditions tested for is positive for the condition with the first screen done at 0-24 hours old. 99 percent of kids with pku are positive on their first screen.
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