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Thanks girls

Juliabell - I was in your exact spot with Quinn. Bfing was SO stressful, I never imagined we could be EBF at 8 months this time around and be in the 50% for weight. Q was in the 10% even after we started solids! Don't give up hope!

I also feel you on the vaccine front. I struggle with which ones to do. Right now we follow the selective schedule that Dr. Sears has. I will strongly consider catching them up when they start school, but for now, I'm happy with the 4 that we do.

Cherrycoke, I'm glad you are delaying solids, make me feel good to have someone else with us Food allergies can be so scary, I don't blame you for your choice. Seeing that number for "extended" bfing makes me sad and also kinda cracks me up, cuz I wonder what percentage are still nursing their 29 month old

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