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Re: *May 2011 Mamas - January Chat*

Originally Posted by cherrycoke View Post
8 months and going strong though! I've already beat most of the statistics! I looked up Maryland's breastfeeding report card and I'm currently one of like 13% EBFing to six months (the report doesn't go past 6!) so yay!
This boggles the mind. Where can I look up this info? I can't BELIEVE that only 13% of moms EBF to six months. That's the standard recommendation! We started solids right around 6 months because of my low supply and DS was jonesing for more. He just scarfs it down. He's going to eat me out of house and home someday (totally takes after his daddy.)

My dear SIL made a comment about how she just couldn't understand baby-led weaning (which I had mentioned a friend doing.) She said that she "believes in feeding your child." ......what? She can't even comprehend BFing past 6 months. Told me that "most women think doing it past 5 months is gross." GROSS. That's the word she used. So now, at almost 8 months, I make sure everytime we're around them, I whip out some boob and feed the babe. Just to rub it in her face.
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