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Re: *May 2011 Mamas - January Chat*

I can't believe I haven't managed to post since New Year's. Hope everyone is doing well!! DD is now crawling on her knees a little bit and actually pulled herself up to sitting and to sit on her knees to peek into a box. So cute! And so heartbreaking! I can't believe we are nearing the 8 month mark. Geesh!

Originally Posted by juliabell View Post
This boggles the mind. Where can I look up this info? I can't BELIEVE that only 13% of moms EBF to six months. That's the standard recommendation! We started solids right around 6 months because of my low supply and DS was jonesing for more. He just scarfs it down. He's going to eat me out of house and home someday (totally takes after his daddy.)

My dear SIL made a comment about how she just couldn't understand baby-led weaning (which I had mentioned a friend doing.) She said that she "believes in feeding your child." ......what? She can't even comprehend BFing past 6 months. Told me that "most women think doing it past 5 months is gross." GROSS. That's the word she used. So now, at almost 8 months, I make sure everytime we're around them, I whip out some boob and feed the babe. Just to rub it in her face.
Originally Posted by cherrycoke View Post
This is the site I got the report card from, you have to download a PDF to see how your state stacks up (look on the right side where it says "Download This Report"), I like that they're actually tracking this but think it's silly they don't even bother tracking EXCLUSIVE BFing past 6 months, they track BFing to a year but not EBFing, I guess they figure there aren't enough people doing it to make it worth following...
Wow! Where I live it is only 8.2%! I am really stunned also. Both of my kids were EBF to 6 months. Thanks for this info! I found with my DS that he wasn't interested in solids during the recommended time. I kept pressing on but with DD I'm going to take my time getting started. She has had cereal maybe 3x in the last month or two.

I can definitely relate when it comes to vaccines. That is such a tough call. We also vaccinate on an alternate schedule although not one in particular. We did not do Rotavirus vaccine and also skipped HepB. My DD's ped didn't think these were most important and wanted to focus on respiratory because she thought DD would be more at risk for complications if she got pertussis, pneumonia, etc. At first she only got one vaccine at a time and then I felt comfortable with her getting 2 at a time but never more than one new vaccine so we could know how she was going to react. She hasn't had any reactions yet either.

Julia - I hope your LO is finally recovering from his vaccine reaction! AND, I cannot believe your SIL said that. Especially, only 5 months?! I thought I would stop BFing at 1 year with my DS but when a year got here, he still seemed so little. He was still a baby. He still nursed (a LOT) and I couldn't imagine it. He ended up going on to nurse another year. After a while it was mostly at night or once or twice during the day.

Rachel - I'm so glad BFing is going so well for you this go-around! That's so great!!

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