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Re: *May 2011 Mamas - January Chat*

Ohhh these babies. Everytime I think I've got things under control, they just turn around and do something absolutely bonkers.

I think DS is going through some separation anxiety. He wakes in the middle of the night, turns in his crib to face the door, and cries. It breaks my heart. I, of course, go in there and help him get back to sleep. But another side of me wishes he was still the little peanut that could sleep next to me in the cosleeper. He needs his own space to sleep in or else he doesn't sleep well because of DH getting up, the dog getting up, etc. But when he wakes up and needs me, I wish he didn't feel like I wasn't there

He didn't previously do this, he used to sleep 12 hours a night like a champ. And he still does. He just wakes once or twice. A couple nights ago he just would NOT go back to sleep. And cried and cried in my arms and at my boob. But last night he fell right back asleep in my arms (I used to be able to pat him back to sleep.) I know this too shall pass, but I'm tired, lol. And I can't drink a ton of coffee or he will be bouncing off the walls!

Hope you're all doing well. My parents are coming to visit on Saturday and my mom will stay for a couple of weeks. It will be nice to have a maid LOL. She likes to clean while here. And she and I get along so well now. They're actually going to look at condos nearby and plan on spending some of their year up here now. Isn't it funny? 10 years ago you couldn't have paid me to live near my parents. Now I want them up the street!
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