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Re: *May 2011 Mamas - January Chat*

Originally Posted by justineybean View Post
Julia I'm sorry you are struggling with your DS's sleep. There are definitely advantages as they get older but the simplicity of their needs in those first days and weeks is hard not to miss. You're right, this will pass. It doesn't make it any easier right now though. Hope tonight is better! Oh how wonderful to have your mama with you for a few weeks. Enjoy her! And her help. Last month, after we moved, my dad took home a few loads of my laundry to help me catch up. It was so appreciated! And he is so great with my kids! Things certainly come around!
Love this

Well, the other night wasn't great. He woke up at 3am, and was wide awake. Didn't fall back asleep until 5am. Woke up at 6am, fell back asleep at 7am. Then slept until 10:30am. Then wouldn't nap hardly at all - 2 30min naps for the whole day. I only managed to get about 4-5 hours of sleep that night and so was on the verge of losing it all day. One of those days where you just cry off an on and barely hang by a thread.

Last night put him down and went to bed early with the intentions of sleeping. Then I had so much anxiety and worry that he would wake up that I couldn't seem to nod off. And I was on the verge of a panic attack and felt like I wasn't taking in enough oxygen. DH was so great, he rubbed my back and helped me relax until I felt okay. The good news was DS didn't wake up at all and slept 12 hours straight. Not sure what it was - either he was just exhausted or it was because I turned off the nightlight on the baby monitor.

So I got more sleep and feel better today. DS is napping over an hour now so that's great. Hopefully we're back on track. Don't want to jinx it though.

It was one of those times I really appreciate my husband. He told me this morning that he was so happy DS had slept all night but if he had woken up he was just going to go in and deal with it and let me rest. I can complain up and down about the silly things DH does sometimes, but then it's things like this that make me remember why I married him.

Hope you're all doing well! Today I'm making yogurt for the first time since DS is downing it like there's no tomorrow and I'm going to try and clean up for my parents visit.
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