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Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon

Men tend to bond over experiences together. So all of those games that your DH and fil watched together were quality time for them. Gift giving is probably FIL's love language, and the team memorabilia is a nostalgic way for him to recall that bond and try to keep it up.

You've already stated your preferences for other things, and he still buys the team stuff. Oh well. If it's just stuff you don't like or understand I don't think it's worth souring the relationship. If it's becoming a hoarding type issue, let him and the kids and DH know they have a certain limit of "team" related items for each category. Like 2 shirts, 1 stuffed animal or figurine, 1 jacket, etc. Let it be known to all that when a new item comes in, the person who is receiving it chooses which old item gets passed on and how (goodwill, eBay, etc.)
I think this is a great suggestion. Also it may be a hometown thing since you guys have moved away (or your DH has?). All people I know from out of town always seem to rep their home teams by wearing merch even if they aren't huge sports fans. Maybe your FIL sees it like that and wants the kids to "know where they come from" or similar thinking. It is very common for people to equate cities with sports teams.
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