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If you've been doing it for some time before pregnancy, there is no reason to quit. But if this is something you recently started and then found out you were pregndant, you may want to do something less intense. Pushing your body to do something you're not used to when not pregnant is hard enough. My MW always said to keep doing what I'm doing unless it doesn't feel right (and then to b careful of balance/center of gravity hanges as the belly grows). I've been doing Tae Kwon Do for over a year now, and the workouts are really intense, I'm just about 9 weeks now and have still been going strong. Of course I can't spar now, but I can do no-contact sparring, to keep the moves/memory muscles/speed of it. Keep active mama, it helps keep your endurance up for labor, and makes it easier.

Also, you can still do crunches etc until it is uncomfortable, then maybe change to planking (holding yourself in a pushing position on your elbows, you can even get on your knees like a girlie push up). And if belly gets too big or that's uncomfortable/impossible, then do extra squats.
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