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1st Day Potty Training, How Am I Doing?

So today we started the 3 day method. I talked it up with daughter for a week or so beforehand and we've been mentioning the potty almost daily for over a year now. We give her the choice but don't pressure her too much. Yesterday she picked out a couple salty snacks and juice (HUGE treat for her) and we discussed again what was going to happen and were getting her excited for Potty Training Weekend. It's suppose to be 3 days, but I'm devoting 5 days to it, plus all of the follow up needed and later nap and night time training. I had her sit on the potty first thing this morning. She came up w/ a potty song, but nothing happened. We had breakfast, then she didn't want to pee on the potty when she had to go and therefore peed mostly on the floor. She finished on the potty and I told her how proud I was and how awesome it was that she peed on the potty. Later, the same thing happened and this time I kinda forced her to use the potty. She hated this just as much as me telling her to try to use the potty. Later still, she had to pee, but this time I put the potty right next to her but didn't push it. I figured pee on the floor was better than a sad toddler. She ended up pooping. into the potty. while standing. Not what I was going for, but I was still excited for her. She was upset the whole time. Since she had lunch before the poo, I tried a nap at her regular time. I got her diaper on, then went in the other room for less than a minute. She used that time to jump off her bed into the protruding corner of 2 walls. An egg on her head, an ice pack and 30 mins. later, I got her ready for nap. That was almost an hour ago and she's still not asleep which is fine b/c I tell her she just needs to rest and not falling asleep is ok. Can you guys evaluate me on how you think I'm doing so far? She's been showing the signs for over a year, so I really want to give this 3 day method a real effort, but don't want to scar my child (like by having her cry every time she has to pee or poop) in the mean time. Any tips for the afternoon and remaining days? Thank you!!!
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