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For me it was to stop using shampoo with sulfates. For 15 years I scratched my head until it bled my scalp was so dry. I decided to switch to Avalon organics and within a few days it was like a new scalp. I also found that I needed to shampoo less because I had restored a more natural balance. Now if I go to the salon for a cut and they wash my hair I will be itching later that day. The sulfates strip away causing almost an allergic reaction. I mostly now use berts bees shampoo and have been good for 5 years.
Many organic shampoos (Bert's bees, Avalon organics, California baby) do not have sulfates, i also believe l'oreal now makes one, and they're easy to find. Try that for a bottle and see if there is a difference.
I would also like to add that after stripping my hair about 1 year ago a protein rich shampoo was nice to my scalp.
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