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Re: Anyone else have a bigger family but a small house?

We are currently adding on a master bedroom and bathroom to our 2 bdrm 1 bath house. We have 1000 sq ft now and are only adding about 200 more. We will have a small, but decent sized mudroom as well with a coat closet- FINALLY! Lol all 3 of my kids share a bdrm right now. Bunk beds and a crib. The room is so cramped! But when our new room is done, the baby will move into the old master so my 2 oldest- 6 yr old boy & 3 yr old girl will continue to share until baby is old enough for the bottom bunk. Then we'll get rid of the crib and switch him and my daughter.

But we also plan to try and sell as soon as it's done anyway. We'd prefer a 4 bedrm but they're hard to find around here! So idk.....we may have a 4th in a few years too.

Bdrms are for sleeping, so I don't think it's a big deal. But we don't have any type of playroom, and our family room is very small as well, so we just need more living space in general. We need bigger, but don't want to sacrifice lifestyle for a giant house!
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