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Re: Elastic Repair Worth the $$?

Originally Posted by MyVeryBest View Post
How much time do you think it would take her to replace elastic? About 20-30 min right? So she is charging $8-10/hour
Do you think it is a fair wage?

To the OP: as pp said, if diapers are in a good condition $5 for a diaper would be totally fine for me.
That said, organic cotton doesn't seem to be very durable and tend to wear off and develop holes quite quick. Example: organic BGE.
So as pp said, see how the diapers look.
It really depends how long it takes on what kind of diaper it is. I replace elastic as well as make my own diapers and it has never taken 20 mins to do elastic repair on any one diaper. I wasn't saying it wasn't a fair wage but for me to spend an extra $5 per used diaper (that you won't get back when/if you resale) just doesn't make sense to me. Between the op being the second owner and the diapers being OC ,I wouldn't spend the extra money. If they were newer it might be worth it to me.
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