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Re: natural birth

I had 2 epis and a homebirth. Planning a homebirth this pregnancy. My first epi experience was horrid. The second was great. I just wanted to be able to have peace and be home afterwards. They let me go home after 24 hrs. so that was nice.
My homebirth was good, not great because I would've done some things differently. I didn't get in water like I ultimately planned(I had read it could slow labor but it would've been worth it and I stayed in the bathroom the majority of the time because I didnt want to wake the kids(line up a sitter). The pain was intense during transition. That wouldve been the time I asked for an epi, lol! But I know if I had labored in water it would've been somewhat better. We took The Bradley method birthing classes. They were great because it really showed DH how to get involved and be confident in assisting in relaxation techniques and positive encouragement.
After my homebirth I sat in the bathroom waiting to birth the placenta. After that I cleaned up quickly and carried DD to bed. I loved it!! My mom took my other 2 kids for the day and night so DH and I got to lay in bed oohing and ahhing at DD. I did tear a little, didn't get stitches and healed perfectly.
Doing a homebirth in water this time
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