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Originally Posted by carlycurry

sooo true!

So... my friend scanned me abdominally assuming we would see everything just fine by 8 weeks... but... I have a super tilted uterus so it was difficult to see, but she found the sac and baby and everything looks wonderful! Baby measured right on track and had a strong heartbeat of 168. I'm so glad!!!

My friend said she couldn't find the heartbeat with her doppler until 12 weeks and she does NOT have a tilted uterus so she told me really to not worry if I can't find it even until closer to 14 weeks with how tilted mine is.

What a huge relief for me tonight, though... My loss was between 6 and 8 weeks last time so I feel so much better knowing everything looks perfect just over 8 weeks along this time.
YAY!!! so glad she found that little baby!!! How exciting. What a great friend to have!
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