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i'm 14 weeks and still very barfy! Last night might have been my all time low this pregnancy...i've been so proud of myself for not wetting my pants when i puke, i usually try to go to the bathroom before i barf and i do kegels like crazy! i was even bragging to my friend (who has had babies, so obviously gets it) the other day that i hadn't wet my pants at all with this pregnancy. Well, last night, at about midnight it hit me so fast i had to hop out of bed and run to the bathroom to even make it to the toilet. It was the most violently i've been throwing up this pregnancy. With every heave i felt my bladder leak, and this lasted about fifteen minuets, which ended with me sitting in a puddle of my own urine. SO GROSS! and maybe this is even grosser, but i just put a towel over the puddle, cleaned myself up and went back to bed! i was so exhausted and gross feeling i didn't think i could deal with it (don't worry, it has since been all cleaned up!) i'm sure hoping not to repeat that one!

Also, does anyone have ideas for making my throat feel better? it feels so burned or raw or whatever the bile does to it and it's really getting painful! i've only tried honey, it works a little, but kind of makes me want to puke, which really defeats the purpose!
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