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ENORMOUS Feb. Destash - Long but Worth Wading Through!

For hoverers: I have tons of NEW and EUC everything -- Tots Bots, Thirsties, Swaddlebees, Blueberry, Fuzzinbunz, Bumkins, Wool, Wipes, Trainers, Accessories, Cloth-diaper friendly knit jeans, and more!

I have an obscene amount of diapering and training items to destash – many brand new, never used. Swaddlebees, Thirsties, Bummis, Tots Bots, Imse Vimse, Bumkins, SposoEasy, wool, and lots more. I also have training pants / trainers listed over in that forum.

No stains whatsoever unless listed (my kids were partially ECed and didn't poop in diapers after about 14 months)!

Details: This single full-time working mama of two is finding it very time-consuming and expensive to ship one and two items at a time, so here’s the deal with shipping:

Prices listed do not include shipping BUT if you purchase at least four items or spend at least $40 from any of my various postings, I will cover the cost of shipping.

Pockets and AIOs

1 EUC Large Sposoeasy AIO in white - $11

1 NEW Large Sposoeasy AIO in light turquoise
2 NEW Large Sposoeasy AIO in white (with extra detachable soaker included)
$14 each


Old Style EUC L (1st photo) and XL (2nd photo) Bumkins- $10 each
With the exception of the white one, which I got used and shows some wear in the velcro and thickness of the cotton, these were all purchased new, prepped, and either not worn or only worn a few times since my guy potty learned soon after fitting in them.

Old Style Large Bumkins AIOs in white and assorted prints - $4 each
These are still fully functional, but definitely show signs of wear. Some were purchased new and some were purchased used (those show more wear, of course). The cotton is no longer thick and fluffy as it once was and the velcro still sticks just fine but looks pilly/shaggy. A few of these have some tattering of the outer layer of inner cotton along the legs.

Prefolds, Fitteds & Covers

Adorable Matching Diaper Cover, Kimono wrap shirt, and Bib Set by Enfant - $25 for the set
Washed but never worn. The diaper cover is similar in style and fit to an Imse Vimse cover.

EUC Medium and Large (2nd pic) Bumkins Pull-On Covers - $10 each

New in Package XL Bumkins Pull-on Covers - $12 each
the Mediums and Larges were used a bit, but still look like new. They are pull-on style (no snaps or velcro) and fit very nicely and trimly under pants without extra bulk on top of diaper bulk. They are made of a silky nylon that is not stiff, crunchy, or sweaty. They are also great over non-waterproof or semi water-proof training pants for containing accidents. I don’t think they make these anymore but they were actually my favorite and I have lots!

[B]1 Like New L Imse Vimse Cover in Teddy Bear Print - $14

New in Package Medium Bumkins Dr. Seuss Pink One Fish Two Fish Cover (old style) - $12

3 Large EUC/Like New EC Covers (bright blue, turquoise, and khaki/olive) - $8 each
Just lay an insert or trifold in for a very trim fit diaper or trainer
Photo coming soon.

12 Month EUC/VVGUC Denim Blue/Indigo Knit Llamajamas - $28

I think these are in excellent condition, but they do have a very small amount of pilling/fuzziness common to wool, so others may call that less than excellent. No felting, staining, rips or tears though. These were purchased used in excellent condition and only worn once by us (sizing issues)


EEUC Crocheted Blue and Chocolate brown longies- $35
So cute and worked great, but my guy outgrew them before he'd had a chance to wear them more than a couple times; no shagginess or felting that I see

EEUC XLarge Babyology Longies - $35

EEUC Small Brown Wool Knit Longies

NEW with Tags Matching Schoon organic cotton kimono shirt 3-6 mths
$40 for the set

• EUC Brown/Olive Green Camo colored Wool Knit NB Longies - $14

These knit longies are in excellent condition but they are very amateurly made. Still, they worked great, they just look a little wonky.

Natural Wool Infant Sleepsack - $35
Washed and intentionally felted somewhat, but never used. Purchased online from Europe.

Cloth Diapering Accessories (inserts, doublers, wipes, snappis, creams)

EEUC Wonder Unders Snap-in Inserts for trainers / Covers
All have multiple layers of bamboo and are PUL lined; 2 have athletic wicking fabric surfaces
3 regular absorbancy (but still very absorbant) - $4 each
1 overnight absorbancy - $5 each

Silk and Flannel Liners - $5 for two
These were homemade and not perfect by any means, but they work. Black silk on one side and blue flannel on the other (three layers of flannel). One of them has a small tear on the silk side (you can see it in the photo)

Several EEUC super absorbant Nappy Shoppe G-Flapper cloth inserts with bamboo - $5 each

NEW and EUC Very Small Two-ply Cloth Wipes (Newborn Size) -$15 for lot

I had these made by a WAHM on here in miniature for newborn nooks and crannies, but my little guy was sick his first few months and these rarely got used, some appear not to have been used at all. They are flannel on one side and either cotton or bamboo velour in coordinating color on the other (some are cotton, some are bamboo, but I can no longer remember or tell which are which).

Assorted Diaper Creams

Cloth Diaper Friendly knit jeans by Old Navy, Levi, Faded Glory
These are wonderfully gender neutral (NOT jeggings or leggings like you usually find for girls only) knit jeans that stretch beautifully over fluffy cloth-diapered bums! They are so easy on/off and it is so rare to find jeans that work well over cloth diapers that I bought and horded them whenever I found any. If only I could find some in 4T for my son. He still has trouble getting regular jeans on/off for the potty! Sigh!
NEW 0-3 month Faded Glory Infant Knit Jeans - $5

These were also wonderful stretchy knit jeans (and a whole lot cheaper than Levis!), but only came in 0-3 and 3-6 month sizes and were only available for a short while.

NEW Old Navy 6-12 Month Knit Jeans - $12
GUC Levi 6-12 Month Knit Jeans (some fading and wear, but no holes) - $10

EUC 12-18 Month Levi Knit Jeans - $15
EUC 12-18 Month Carters Knit Jeans - $10

12-18 Month Levis Knit Cargo Jeans - $5
Well worn with holes where at the corners where the pockets attach, but still super cute and great over fluffy cloth bums

18-24 EUC and NEW with Tags Old Navy Knit Jeans - $10 and $13

NEW Children’s Place 3T Denim Knit Capri Jeggings - $8

I bought these for my son thinking they would be like the Levis jeans I so love, but it turned out they are skin tight girls jeggings, and Capri at that! I never laughed so hard at the site of him trying them on!

I listed all of my trainers in the trainers forum, so check that out.
Also check out the HUGE listing I have for NEW and EUC Shoes in the Shoes Forum in all sizes for both genders!


I'm mostly in search of space in my house and paypal, but I could possibly be tempted by Brio brand train stuff (not Brio compatible, the real deal!), wool interlock fabric, quadrilla marble stuff, Tinkle Time Trainers Overnight Solutions Size 6 or 8, or EUC little girls ballet shoes size 2. If I think of anything else, I'll post it here!


[B]2 EEUC Swaddlebees Econappi in Cow Print 1 Snap SOLD/1 Aplix closure - SOLD
VGUC Blueberry Pocket in Chocolate with Blue Dots - SOLD
EEUC Fuzzi Bunz One Size Elite in chocolate brown - SOLD
GUC Old Style Medium Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size in Red - SOLD
EEUC Bumgenius + 1 Flip Cover - SOLD
3 GUC Bumgenius One Size Pocket Diapers (2 pale yellow/butternut and 1 light blue) - SOLD
NEW WHAM Ooga Booga Knit Infant Prefold with 2 layers Bamboo Fleece - SOLD

2 Pairs of NEW in package Medium Ekstra Lana Wool Breast pads / Nursing Pads - SOLD

1 Like NEW XL Imse Vimse Cover in Jungle - SOLD
1 NEW Large Bummis in froggy print - SOLD

2 EEUC Thirsties Duo Diaper Size 2 with both original inserts - SOLD

EEUC Bummis Bamboo Fitted - SOLD

1 NWT Tots Bots Easy Fit solid green - SOLD

3 GUC Softbums Echo - SOLD

[B]NEW in Package Joey Bunz Large Premium Hemparoo Inserts/Doublers 3 pack - SOLD
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