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Re: HELP me with stomac flu please!

Originally Posted by firststella View Post
Yes that is what I know about zofran too. I want to avoid to ask for meds.
What do you mean by BRAT diet? (I'm not native English speaker and I never heard about that term in French either)
Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, toast, etc. We just finished that lovely bug and I have a three year old and a 14 month old. I am in agreement with all the above.

First 12 hours are the worst if they want to sleep, let them.

Water works best (neither of my kids likes pedialite)

Three wets diapers for 24 hours

You want to see diahrea (sp?) eventually (it indicates its GI only)

When do your kids need to been seen immediately for dehydration when you know they won't fight the IV listless, vancant look, no energy.

The tummy aspect of it last for about a week my youngest is just now getting completely healed.

We were not offered any medication just time.
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