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Re: What would you recommend for a 3yo flooding his diapers?

This was my oldest. I don't know that I would push it. I'd keep diapers for out, but underpants for home. If/when he goes, I'd have him take care of it: "Oh! Potty goes in the toilet! Here's a towel and cleaner. Go clean your mess and ten go change yourself." If he's not dressing himself, I'd start placing him on the potty first thing in the AM and work on going then and only then and then focus the rest of my attention on changing himself. Then, "accidents" can be his thing to clean/do. I would like to say that my oldest got sick of cleaning it and used the potty 100% after a time. That wasn't the case. But, after a point, it became about her cleaning up after herself and it being her responsibility and not mine.

She's nearly 7 now and hasn't had issues in years. But she was over 4 before she got her act together about it.

As for diapers, I'd probably move to fitteds or fastening flats/prefolds around him so there is more surface area for the wetness to move to.
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