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Other for me.

I teeter between not feeling guilty (since I do spend a lot of time trying to make the best buying choices and sometimes I can't help it) and feeling guilty.

For me it's not so much the American vs China made products, more about not supporting the consumer culture and the huge structure of corporation run politics that have been built up around us. Part of that is food, clothes, entertainment, ideas, everything.

I could drive myself crazy trying to weed out the crap we're fed, so when I have no other choice I try not to feel guilty about it. I try to buy used and quality. If I have to sacrifice one or the other it'll most likely be quality, unless there is something very specific I want and then might buy it new.

I will admit to recently buying more than 20 cheap diapers from china. I wish I had enough confidence to start sewing up a stash but I honestly don't think I can handle learning to make diapers right now w everything else I'm trying to tackle. I will make wipes and inserts though

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