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I am another who chooses quality over price the majority of the time.

I spend decent money on my kids shoes. A) they last. Ods' foot doesn't grow like a typical kid due to his heart condition. He typically needs new shoes once every 1-2 years (and yes, I take him to get measured to make sure...they do not change.). So to spend $40/year on good tennis shoes is an investment (we buy every year regardless if he needs the next size or not). Many of my friends are always complaining their kids shoes do not last 1-2 months. We don't have that problem, never had. B) I can pass them down. Ods' snow boots tore in the front, took them back to ll bean and got a new pair. C) good shoes help with proper foot development, saving with medical bills in the future.

Same with food, we buy good quality foods, spend less time at the dr (even with an immune deficient child). Cost more initially, but save on gas and co pays

Toys. How many cheap toys does a kid need? Right now we are purging all the kids cheaper toys for better quality. Less toys, less stimulation, more play.

I agree with a world market, I do not care where they are from, if they are good quality (and I like fair trade) I will buy it, saves us in the long run.

I do like supporting my local economy, I love farmers markets and local I tend to go there, the quality is just better IMHO
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