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Re: Which language to teach in?

You didn't say how old your LO is and what languages you have been using in which situations so far. That would be helpful to know.

There are a lot of different language separation models, and whatever you decide, just be consistent. We do the family language model. My husband, who is German, and I speak English to our son. DS spends a lot of time with his German-speaking grandparents and all of our friends and neighbors speak German. I do tell my son to speak to others in German- "say Danke" or "say guten Morgen" - and sing songs in German.

You can do the one parent, one language model or make language use specific to the situation. In your situation, I would try the latter approach to homeschooling. Do most of the lessons in your and your child's strongest language and do certain lessons in another. For example: science in English, math in Spanish, music in Finnish, social studies in French. Some primary schools are starting to offer integrated lessons like this here in Germany- one subject in English already in 4th grade, in addition to English language classes.

If you haven't already, you and your husband should clear up who speaks what on a day-to-day basis before deciding about schooling language.
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