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Re: Which language to teach in?

I guess if he isnt going to help, then it will be up to me to learn finnish well enough to teach it in detail. I should probably take a few classes the university so that Im fluent enough to teach them correct and formal finnish. It seems the only ones that will be the same are math and science though. Because everything else, like reading, spelling, history, all are dependent on the country, so they will have to have double to course load! I feel so bad, like I will be putting so much on them, but I think its important that if they learn about American history, they should learn about finnish history too.

Originally Posted by germanmommy View Post
Hey, my DH is American and I'm German and our DD specks both.I talk to her in german and my DH englisch, it is so easy for them to pick the language up then there are little.
To your question I would teach both!
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