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Re: Which language to teach in?

Right now, our approach is like this:

English is spoken in our home. DH is German, I am American. I primarily speak English with our son. Once in a while I flip over and will speak German with him. DH primarily speaks German with our son. Our relatives here all speak German with DS as do our friends. When he starts school up until English is offered, he needs German to function.

Therefore, we'll keep at the model this way, with the bulk of TV in German for him. He does watch some TV with me or the both of us in German... and we do also watch Japanese shows (anime too) in Japanese with English Subtitles and he's shown a lot of interests in those. I'd not at all be suprised if he wants to learn Japanese later down the road. (rofl)

We've joked once in a blue moon about him saying "Konichiwa" or "Ohayo" instead of "Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend" / "hallo".. or the equivelants in English.
As little as he is now, I'm not too concerned just yet. he seems to get on and understand us really well for his young age. He has just started playing with his stuffed dolls some and his gripping toys, and all of us tell him how to play with them "Here, grip this part!" / "nono, soft with teddy/eeyore"... so he seems to get it in both languages since he follows through.

I recall when my parents were Homeschooling us in Spain our policy was English in the home, Spanish outside. We did really well with that when we needed it.

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