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5 Year Old with Behavior Issues...

Sorry to post this here, but I feel close to you guys And I'm pregnant and this situation sucks!!!

My son has always been really aggresive (even since birth!!) He is so incredibly sweet most of the time when he's at home with the occasional mishap. BUT at school he is a completely different child. He is disrespectful, wanting to play all the time, will not focus, and shuts down when teachers try to work with him on his schoolwork.

I am sooooo soooo fed up with it. He can be "good" when he wants to be. His teachers suggested it could be the baby on the way making him act this way, but he also did it last year in Pre-K. I wasn't pregnant then.

I am so afraid they are going to try to pull the ADHD crap on me. I totally don't believe in that. I have seen two of my friends children (one is 5 and one is 6) have to put on meds for ADHD or they couldn't be in the school anymore.

I have started omega 3 fish oil supplements as well as suntheanine once a day.

I am hoping to see some results with this.

I have also considered taking him to a therapist - maybe he can confide in him/her? I have no clue what to do. When he is with me - for the most part - he is a normal, functioning child.

Any ideas?

By the way. We have a fairly calm and stable household. I don't yell a lot (other than messy room issues and only after patiently waiting for them to be cleaned) He has his mom and dad and good relationships with both of us and our parents.
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