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I don't want to undo what progress we've made, but. . .

I don't want to be duped!

DS is 23 months old. I have never done any formal training with him, but he has had a potty for about a year and he has always been very interested in DH and I using the potty; we have an open door policy with DS. Here's what we have done:

We talk about pottying a lot!

A few months ago I started offering potty time in the mornings after bath, and DS usually sits for a while and sometimes he pees.

When it occurs to me, maybe once a week, after bath I will put DS in coverless fitteds, and then check him often and point out when he is dry, and change him right away when wet.

Within the last month I found a copy of "Once Upon A Potty" that I had squirreled away, and brought it out and started reading it to DS. He is super interested and has started telling me more often when he has to pee/ has already peed. He isn't always willing to sit on the potty at those times though, and I have not pushed him.

The trick is, he is most insistent on wanting to use the potty just after he has been put to bed.
I immediately instituted a pre-bed time potty time, but he usually doesn't actually pee at that time, and still says he has to/ has already gone once he gets into bed.

I am thinking it either has to do with timing (he does have a bed time bottle), OR relaxing into bed, OR wanting to stretch bedtime out (He has been testing everything these days). I don't want to encourage the latter, but I also found myself saying, "you already had a potty time. Now you have a night time diaper, and we can have a potty time in the morning". But I am not sure that is good either! I don't want to encourage bed wetting!

What should I do?
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