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Re: Looking for reviews on the McRuffy curriculum & Math U See...

Originally Posted by fawnlovesjasper View Post
I use McRuffy Math, my kids really really love it!!!! I have one who is "mathy" and one who is not. My non-mathy kid actually "gets it" with McRuffy, she didn't with anything else we tried (which was pretty much all of the maths out there.. Saxon, MUS, Singapore, Math Mammoth). My mathy kid loves that it doesn't bog him down with a ton of extra problems every day. It has just enough problems in the workbook to show that they "get it", and it's spiral, so you will see the same kind of problems for a while... then you will see that type come back later in the book to keep it fresh in their minds. There is a ton of hands on activities, actually pretty much every day (some days we skip them if I know they have grasped the concept), and they are always available to the kids to do their work if they need them. There is lots of games built into the curriculum, usually every other Friday is a game day. The lessons are not long and drawn out, the teacher manual is "lightly scripted", meaning it tells you what to say and how to explain everything without making you feel like you don't have a brain. Brian at McRuffy (the author) is always very quick to reply whenever I have emailed him, and is very helpful and nice.

I can not say enough good things about McRuffy. It's one of those little known gems. Definately the best math I have layed my hands on!!

ETA... MUS was very confusing to me, it made it very hard for me to explain it to my kids.

The McRuffy Math sounds like it could work as a match for my boys especially with the games. I also have one that likes and gets math and the other isn't as quick but will pick it up with demonstrations and repetitive practice. Does the Teacher's Manual give you the answers to the problems?

Have you used any other of the McRuffy curriculums for LA or Science?
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