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OK, I'm updating this post to start a little diary... I found the book in .pdf form here Master Cleanse. I decided tonight that I've had enough with putting it off. I have everything that I need to do it here... I just may have to make a trip to buy more lemons in a few days. So why am I talking about this? I figured that someone out there must be curious to know how the cleanse goes (like I am but don't know anyone to ask!) so I thought, hey, why not make a daily diary about it here on DS. So, that's just what I'll do. I'll just keep coming into this post & editing it to add little notes about it - any woes, successes, etc & list things according to the date & will add times as well in case I decide to write about things more than once a day.

Let me start off by saying I am NOT doing this to lose weight - although that may be a side benefit from things I have read. I am doing this to cleanse my body. If I shed a few pounds, then that's awesome, but I think that looking for weight loss via a cleanse is the wrong reason to do one. Just my .

Thursday, 2/14/07, 11:28pm ~ I have OFFICIALLY begun the Master Cleanse. Yes, I ate today & did everything like normal, but at this very moment I am drinking a warm cup of Smooth Move Herbal Tea (Traditional Medicinals). I read in the book to have a cup of an herbal laxative tea prior to bedtime. So, here I am! I'll say that it isn't the best tasting tea I've ever had - I am an avid tea drinker too - but it's "ok" & I'll be able to drink it w/o an issue. It just has a funny aftertaste IMO. I'll post again tomorrow! Wish me luck! I'm afraid I won't be able to hack it!!

Friday, 2/15/08, 8:10 am~ So I woke up & mixed up the sal****er concoction. I was worried it would taste awful but truthfully, it wasn't that bad. It actually reminded me of a light broth - the mixture isn't too salty. But I'll tell ya drinking down a quart of it is the no fun part - I don't think my tummy is made to drink that much! LOL I'm still finishing it up now. I'm wondering if I'll be rushing to the potty... Ok well I'll update later in the day w/how my first whole day of this goes & anything I notice. Oh & that herbal laxative tea I took last night doesn't seem to have effected me. I slept all night w/o a problem & didn't have to "go" when I woke up so, we'll see!

Friday, 2/15/08, 8:43 am~ Well I can say that sal****er works pretty quick! I found myself in the potty just now. But the good news is I had no belly cramping or anything like that.

Friday, 2/15/08, 9:24 am~ Well, I got hungry lol so I went ahead & made up the maple syrup drink concoction. I was worried it was gonna taste terrible, but you know, it's not bad at all! So I'll be drinking on that a bit. I finished about 1/2 of it & lost my hunger so that's good! Says in the book to drink one if you get hungry. I'm usually a crazy snacker when I get up, so I think that's why I got so hungry.

Friday, 2/15/08, 11:30 am~ Well, I'm on my second glass of the maple concoction. I'm actually liking the taste of it! Anyway, been to the potty a few times, but gladly there are no painful cramps or anything like that. That was my biggest fear.

Friday, 2/15/08, 9:20 pm~ Well, it's the end of my first whole day on the cleanse. I'm just sipping on the herbal tea right now & will probably get to bed a little early tonight so I'm not tempted into my evening snacking routine. All in all the day's been pretty good. I even did a lot of baking today (breads & such) & dinner & didn't even cheat! LOL I've been a little hungry here and there but I just drink that maple concoction when I get hungry & it seems to make me feel better. I'm extremely pleased that I haven't had any stomach pains/cramping & I haven't lived in the bathroom either - 2 things I was really worried about. I've been comfortable all day & kept my regular activity level w/o any issues! We'll see what tomorrow brings!

Saturday, 2/16/08, 9:21 am~ Well, today is another day! I woke up at like 5am feeling like I had to "go" but I didn't... so I laid back down & maybe half an hour later I got up & did end up going. Nothing painful or anything, but I'll say I didn't love having to get up that early just to go to the bathroom! LOL This might be gross, but I looked at what came out of me - it looked greasy - almost like dropping oil into water & how you get that separation. Well, that's what it looked like, only with "poo" lol I only add this b/c I think some people, like me, are interested in knowing if anything strange comes out - and to me, that was strange. I figure that might be something not great that was in me & clearing out. Right now I'm sipping on the sal****er solution. I really thing that's the most annoying part - having to consume so much (4qts) at one time.

Saturday, 2/16/08, 10:15 am~ Well, just on cue like yesterday, I had a trip to the bathroom for a second. Again, it wasn't painful & no cramping or anything, but I did have to go pretty quick. I'm gonna have some of the maple syrup concoction since I'm a bit hungry. Not too bad, but I am hungry, especially after making a Sat breakfast for the boys. I'm gonna keep myself busy today... sew sew sew & clean clean clean - try not to give into any temptations...

Saturday, 2/16/08, 7:40 pm~ Well it's been a long day! I was out and about running errands & pretty impressed w/my willpower. I normally hit a drive through if it's close to dinner or grab a snack at wally world, but I didn't. I even hit the grocery store for some more lemons & to try limes too... took a whirl through the isles for a few things as well as passed some sample stands & stood my ground! So proud Today I feel less issues w/hunger. I actually wasn't hungry at all when I was out, but when I got home it was like wow, I want to eat. I actually drank two drinks w/in about 20 mins time, but I felt better afterwards. I showered & strange as it may sound, I feel like I got a TON more energy after I got all clean, scrubbed my hair, etc. I can't believe w/having no solid food that I have all this energy! I'll prolly drink that herbal tea right before bed in a couple hours.

Saturday, 2/16/08, 11:48 pm~ Well I'm going to bed. I drank my tea a bit ago & I'm feeling fine. I just hope I don't get woke up at 5 am to run to the potty again! I'm surprised that I don't feel like total crap after no solids. But I have heard that day 3 or 4 is when people have real detox issues, headaches, etc so we'll see!

Sunday, 2/17/08, 8:29 am~ Well, I slept ok. Still got up around5 or 6 to use the bathroom, though it wasn't much. I got up for the day about 8am. I was up, but just sort of laying there. My belly was bugging me. I dunno what it was - maybe gas pains? I massaged my belly & it really seemed to help a lot, then shortly after I had to use the bathroom again. It looked like a bunch of flecks of stuff coming out. Nothing too crazy, but def different than normal. The sal****er solution wasn't as bad today. I found if I put it in two different servings and drink them one after another, it's a lot easier to do. Also, warming the water. It doesn't taste as good cold. When it's warm it really does remind me of a broth. Anyway, I chugged the first glass - I was pretty thirsty! And the second, I am almost done with in no time at all. I'm sure I'll have to use the bathroom again i next hour sometime too. My body feels a little off today - I can't put a finger on it, but I'm just not at 100%. No headaches or anything like that, but I have a feeling the real detox is coming. I had some chills off and on during the night too & I've heard that's all to be expected. I think I'll shower & see if that helps, but unfortunately I think the detox is coming. I am not looking forward to the headaches! Maybe I won't get one Haha.

Sunday, 2/17/08, 3:10pm ~ Well the day's about halfway over. I'm doing really well! I STILL haven't cheated - so amazing in itself to me. LOL So many temptations when there are kids around & having to feed them, make them snacks, etc. I'm not having many hunger issues today like I was the past couple. I pretty much feel great. I took a shower and felt WAY better after I got all cleaned - I took a really hot one & it really energized me. That ways HOURS ago & I still have energy... and a great day for it when I have tons of sewing to do! I'm pretty stoked about how good I feel right now. Haven't had to run to the bathroom either & that uncomfy feeling I had when I woke up this morning in my belly went away.

Sunday, 2/17/08, 8:33pm~ Well almost another day behind me! I've been really energetic today. I just wish I could do more - I have a sick kiddo that's kept me pretty limited in what I could get done... but now that the boys are in bed I am trying to expel some of the excess energy, mostly in sewing! I can't believe going for days w/o solids actually had me more energetic. I did notice when I looked in the mirror a few minutes ago that my face is red - like when you've been outside in the cold for a while. And it's starting to break out. My face was pretty clear before, but it's totally breaking out now. Also warm to the touch, more than just normal body temperature. Something weird though - I generally have at least a couple patches of eczema on my face, at least a patch or two. Well I had a lot the night I started, and generally I use a thick cream or even a prescription steroid to get rid of it, but I've opted out of all of that during the cleanse - no makeup even. Well, my eczema is not present - at all! It's totally gone from my face, which is not normal for me, but GOOD!! And also, I had a couple splinters (from handling firewood w/no gloves) on my left hand - really small ones. They were too small for me to be able to get at them & I just gave up & let the skin grow over... well they came out. I didn't expect that to happen. The sort of were just like pushed out or something. I noticed when I was washing my hands & I was able to just squeeze them the rest of the way out - like popping a pimple. Isn't that nuts? I'll prolly have my tea in a couple hours right before bedtime.

Monday, 2/18/08, 8:53 am~ Well I officially feel crappy. It's not too bad - tolerable. I woke up at like 4 something to go to the bathroom & when I stepped out of bed I felt somewhat intoxicated. It was more than just being tired. When I got out of bed a little bit ago for the day I didn't feel right. My body is sore, almost like I did a workout or something. Hopefully I snap out of it so I can be productive today, but I dunno - I know I have to have a detox so I probably won't be able to get out of it. Maybe a shower will make be a little better.

Monday, 2/18/08, 11:26pm~ Sorry for just the couple entries today. I have satellite internet & it doesn't play well with bad weather. Anyway, today didn't turn out nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be when I woke up. I felt pretty crummy the first couple hours, but nothing too bad really. I took a shower & felt instantly better after a nice hot shower. I dunno why, but I always feel revived afterwards. Maybe it's washing off the crap, or maybe it's just a mental thing LOL. I haven't really been hungry today at all. I was drinking the maple concoction whenever I was hungry, but today I only had a couple. I need to make sure I pay more attention tomorrow & have more of them, although I don't think there is anything that's gonna kill me about having reduced my intake today, but I don't want to lose any benefit so I'm gonna make sure I drink more tomorrow. I think in the book it says 6-12 or something like that. I feel pretty good right now. I've had a good amount of energy up until about now. I'm just starting to feel sleepy although I could stay up if I wanted, but I'll probably go to bed soon after finishing my tea & a few other things around here. My skin has gotten noticeably worse as far as breaking out. I actually went and looked in the mirror after feeling some bigger/harder bumps on my face. It's pretty broken out, but I feel good about it - like I'm de-gunking. I'm sure it will clear up after a bit. My breath isn't the best either - it's a good thing DH is away for a couple more weeks And I have a little bit of white stuff on my tongue. Like a white buildup. I've been more vigilant about brushing my teeth/tongue. I think I've lost a couple pounds too. I had gained a few over the past couple months & I was at 143 & today I was at 139.9. I won't take my scale as gospel as it doesn't work all the time, just when it wants to (digital w/dying battery) but I'm figuring it's either water wait or crap from my colon - I'm not sure what to speculate. I don't really care as much about the weight loss, but it's a bonus if it were to stay off. I'll have to try on my jeans or something in another few days & see if I've lost any bloating or anything - I've been feeling pretty bloated lately. I've just been wearing comfy clothes since I'm not going anywhere. Oh & my bathroom trips were more frequent today than yesterday. Nothing too severe but I had an in-home appt today for something & I was able to control myself/hold it in until he left. I was in my head thinking "stop talking already and leave - I gotta go!" LOL It was pretty watery & there were all these flecks of "stuff" in there. It wasn't like regular loose stools though. Also there were some reddish stringy looking things in there. It was kinda weird. Oh and another thing I noticed was that the smell isn't the same - way too TMI but someone must want to know LOL It was a pretty odd/bad smell the first couple days but today there wasn't really any odor. Maybe that's good? I dunno... I'm thinking it might depend on what was in there & coming out. Well, anyway... I think that sums it up for tonight. I'll try to journal more tomorrow! Pray for good weather.

Tuesday, 2/19/08, 9:27am~ Well this morning I feel ok other than I was nauseas when I woke up & I feel a little week. I just drank the sal****er solution & will hop in the shower - that always seems to really help. I have some errands and stuff to run so hopefully I don't feel bad all day. The weakness has me so tempted to eat something, but I'm gonna wait it out. After my shower I'll drink some maple concoction. I'm wondering if I didn't drink enough of it yesterday & maybe that's why I'm not feeling too great. I only had like maybe a few. Day 5 though. Half way done for the minimum amount of time. Woohoo!

Tuesday, 2/19/08, 12:30 pm~ Well, after taking my shower I felt a bit better & then after having the maple drink I was back to my usual self. I'm guessing I didn't drink enough yesterday, either that or my body was just ready for the drink. Either way, I feel pretty good right now. I ran out to do a couple errands & didn't have any issues. I'm loving that I'm not having to run to the bathroom all the time. Just feels like any other time I have to go - can go or can wait if I have to (although it def isn't solid LOL). The drink seems to have a different taste today... not bad or anything, just different. I wonder if my taste is changing, flushing out any of the bad crap I've been consuming. I know when I cut back on refined sugars, pop, etc my taste changed & natural stuff tasted good & sweater than it had before. Maybe this is the same?

Tuesday, 2/19/08, 6:13 pm~ Well, another day almost over & I swear it's just gotten easier. I didn't have any real desires to eat today, although when I was running errands someone at a store was eating lunch & I could smell it from being heated up & I was like mmm something smells good. But it didn't deter me. I have the boost of energy today again as well which is AWESOME! I can stay up late and work on projects & not want to just collapse onto the couch or bed after the kids do. Oh I finally put on a pair of jeans today. They fit good & it seems like not tight like they were feeling before. They're not to big & they were the ones I was wearing before, but I feel like I've lost that bloated feeling that I was having the past couple weeks after gaining a couple pounds & eating crappy. I don't have a 6 pack or model stomach by any means, but I did feel like it looks a little better - I don't have a lot of poofiness like I was experiencing a lot either. My bra also isn't digging like it was in the bag. It's still snug, but more like it should be, not like I need to go up a size in the band. So, small differences but comfortable. I just drank another drink & plan to have at least one or two more before the night's over to make sure I am taking in enough & hopefully I won't wake up weak again. I'm convinced that's what it was, not taking in enough yesterday. I can't believe I'm going to day 6 tomorrow!!! I'll journal again before bed Oh yeah, my face is still broking out. Fun stuff lol but it's for a good cause!

Wednesday, 2-20-08, 8:42 pm~ Sorry about no entries until now. Today has been busy for me running errands & having a teething toddler! Anyway, I'm still feeling great & still haven't cheated. I'm trying to drink more water than I have been to help flush more, but it's been hard - all my intake is liquid & it's getting to be boring & I'm not hungry so I have to remember to make some drinks. I did my sal****er flush this morning & then had to run out & didn't even have my first maple concoction until after noon! I had some water though... I'm starting to wonder if I'm doing something wrong - I know that weight loss IS NOT the purpose of this, but I hear all these stories about people dropping so much weight & I haven't really done that... I'm not worried about losing the weight, but it makes me wonder why I'm not having that effect, like if it's something wrong or if I just don't have that much stuff in there. LOL My bathroom visits were about the same today but I don't really notice anything coming out besides a tinted liquid with maybe flecks of stuff int here sometimes. Kinda seems like I'm peeing out my butt LOL But there's no discomfort or anything so I guess it's ok. Maybe my body is in a new stage? My skin is still broken out. I have some really hard pimples - like tried to pop them & they are hard & weren't having it. I just took a shower & it felt great. Something about that hot water - I think it opens up my pores & helps get stuff off & out of me. I feel so refreshed & energized after my showers - not like a regular clean shower, I feel good... but really refreshed & awake/alive. It's great! I just stood in front of the mirror & did my nightly routine & used some Burt's Bees astringent on my face & I got some icky stuff on the cotton ball. Not a lot, but enough to notice. Weird thing is I've worn NO make up or anything on my face since the evening I started the cleanse - purposefully b/c I wanted to take more of a note of my skin changes. I just thought it was strange since nothing's been on my face. Also, when I went to brush my teeth it was like ICK! My tongue is all fuzzy. Seriously! It's white in the middle & like a greenish yellow around the edges. So gross! I brushed, flossed & used mouth wash. I even brushed my tongue twice & that stuff is not coming off! It looks like I have some furry fleece on my tongue or something... kinda creepy. I'm getting ready to do some things around here with my energy. Last night I was up until about 2am between projects in my sewing room & then my youngest son woke up. I really got some shotty sleep last night & expected to be tired today, but nope, I woke up around 7:30 for the day & stepped right out of bed... it was great! Usually I'm dragging & get some coffee or something & now I just have all this extra energy. So I'm using it! It's really encouraging me to look forward to constant healthy choices in eating. I don't want to botch the natural energy!

Thursday, 2-21-08, 9:05 am~ Well I woke up & feel just fine this morning. My oldest asked me what all that red stuff all over my face is lol so I'm assuming he can see my skin issues from the cleanse... I have to drink my sal****er to start of the day, but I'm just not into it. It's not that it's bad or anything, I'm just bored of it. I'm not having any hunger or anything, but today I woke up & was like yup, I'm bored of all this! I want some variety in what I consume! But only a few more days for the minimum & I'll be done, unless my body still seems to need it... but I hope not! LOL I still haven't really noticed weight differences & I also haven't passed any solid stuff in the bathroom so I'm wondering if I just wasn't so gunked up to begin with? I read some people passing solid stuff still at this point so it's another one of those things - along with the weight - that makes me question if I'm doing it correctly. But I guess everyone is different!

Thursday, 2-21-08, 10:52 am~ Well, I guess someone heard be saying I wasn't going really anymore besides liquid. Well I just went & it was mostly liquidy, but it was also mucousy if that makes sense. It was slimy & mucousy, kind of like a snotty nose or something, just different looking & different end lol. I also hopped on the scale (it works when it wants to) & I'm 136.6, so I have been losing weight - I guess it's just not so noticeable to me b/c I'm thinking it might not be body weight - perhaps it's "crap in the colon" weight. I'm not so concerned about losing weight, I just was worried the cleanse wasn't working or I was doing something wrong b/c I wasn't dropping pounds like people I've heard. I posted my initial weight in here somewhere, but I can't find it. I'm gonna guess around 142-3. I know I had gained some weight recently from letting my good habits go & not working out. I checked on my tongue while brushing, and a lot of the fuzziness is gone. There's still a little white/greenish around the outer portion of the top of my tongue & I know it's not from anything I'm eating since I'm not, & nothing I'm drinking is green.

Friday, 2/22/08 9:34am~ Well, I was up again forever last night. Until about 2 am - I just had so much energy, I was wide awake! I didn't even watch TV b/c I felt like I needed to be doing something, so I just cut fabric, etc. I'm fine today too - still got energy! I can't get over it b/c I would assume I'd be exhausted from no solid food, but I'm not! Not a bit! I can't believe it's day 8 already! My face is still broken out a little but seems to be clearing up. I'm still using the bathroom about the same & it's liquid but still have not experienced pain or cramping. I'm pretty pleased! I already had my sal****er & I'm gonna start making some maple drinks shortly. I'm not hungry one bit either, although I'll be welcoming the taste of fruit in a couple days I hope! I'm going to at least day 10, but I'm not sure at that point if I will wean off or continue a bit. I haven't really noticed a ton of changes in my body like some people claim or that I read about, so I'm not sure why that is.

Friday, 2/22/08 11:47 pm~ Almost day 9! Is that right? Geez this cleanse is totally flying by. I feel so amazing! Tonight I'm actually a tad tired, but I have been up until 2 am or so the past few nights. I just drank that liver detox recipe that I was given - didn't taste too bad either, who know? I just thought I'd give it a go. If there's crap in there I want it out! I'm waiting for my tea to finish steeping then I'll sip on that & probably head to bed shortly. I've felt great all day - I've made from scratch hot meals for my boys for each meal & I didn't even get tempted to taste anything! Although I think I will take pleasure in eating solids again & be more cautious about my choices, as well as thankful. My potty breaks were more so this morning, but none tonight. I felt great, once again, after my shower. I wonder if washing the crap off that is excreted through the pores adds to how good one feels on the cleanse? I think it might... I crank the water as hot as it will go & sort of let myself steam it out a bit. And I'm so revived afterwards. My skin seems to be clearing up even more this evening & that white stuff on my tongue is barely noticeable anymore. My weight still isn't so drastic of a difference, but I did try on a couple pairs of pants & they seem to fit a little more appropriately & I tried on my bathing suit (yes a fashion show for me myself & I LOL) & the bottoms actually fit and before they were not wearable in public - dug into me too much. Now about the un-toned body... lmao. Anyway, I think maybe it's "degunked" me as well as helped rid any unneeded water that I had in my system. I was always feeling tight/bloated in my midsection & I don't anymore. Also, did I mention that my blood sugar has not fallen this entire time? I'm hypoglycemic... I wonder if it's cleared it up? That would be awesome! I've only had that issue recently/in the past few months.

Saturday, 2-23-08. 8:35 am~ Well I can't believe it, but today is day 9! I'm actually pretty impressed with myself. I def didn't think I could do this! Last night I did the liver detox thing & I'll have to say this is the first time I've had any sort of discomfort so I'm thinking that maybe I can attribute it to that. It wasn't too bad, just a tad bit of cramping. Anyway, I went to the bathroom & it's the first time in a few days I've had anything but liquid come out & this time there were little pellet/ballish looking things. I went twice right after getting up & both times they were there. I dunno what it was, but holy moly I'm glad they're out! LOL I'm getting ready to drink my sal****er stuff so I assume that will flush me out further.

Sunday, 2-24-08, 9:22am~
So... today is officially day 10 - the last day of the minimum amount of time on the cleanse. I'll judge at the end of the day if I will continue or end this tomorrow. I'm guessing I'm going to be done w/it since I'm generally feeling good - I do have a slight headache in the back of my head though but I'm not sure if it's related or not. We'll see how the day goes. But, overall, I feel pretty good! I did wake this morning w/some minor cramping pains around 4 am & kept feeling like I had to go to the bathroom but it was just gas. I eventually went but it was a while later. I honestly can't believe I have come this far. I really had a ton of doubts about my ability to make it through this cleanse, but it looks like I'm doing it! If I do end this after today, I will have to wean myself appropriately so it's not straight back to eating... I have to look at the directions again, but I believe I'll have to drink some OJ, etc. I'd kind of like to be done & weaned & back to eating my fruits, etc again before DH gets back from training which is in about a week. I just hate to have him home & be like yeah I'm not eating... lol I mean he knows I'm on the cleanse, etc but we haven't seen him in almost 2 mos & family dinner, etc won't be the same if I'm sitting there w/a glass of mystery cleanse juice haha. I'll post again later about how I'm feeling, etc as well as when I'm weaning myself off whenever I officially end the cleanse.

Monday, 2/25/08~ Well this morning is day eleven, & I've decided to begin weaning myself off of the cleanse appropriately. I woke up & didn't have any urge to go to the bathroom, even tried! And yes, I did take the herbal laxative tea last night. I went ahead & had my first non-maple concoction beverage & I'll tell you what - OJ never tasted so good! I used fresh squeezed from oranges that I squeezed myself. It was quite satisfying! I'll listen to my body throughout the day & return to the cleanse if there are any ill signs, but hopefully it will all be ok! I'd love to be back to eating solids before my DH returns from training. Oh & I still have energy!!
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