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Re: Basically it's Monday

Morning mamas!

Janine, make sure you talk to a couple of doctors before having a hysterectomy. Always good to get a second opinion on any surgery, but this especially because it affects your hormones for the rest of your life. It may be possible to solve your problems without surgery, or less lurgery, IDK. I myself have disabling period pain, to the point of violent vomiting and such, and so I went on Depo to make it stop. Ironically it is worse for many to take depo, and it can cause weight gain, etc but for me it's better than the alternative.

So us southern wimps suffered through our first night in our MI house, and already put the heat on. In August. We decided to all sleep in the basement because it was cooler and a better way to contain all the kids (read: keep Ian from falling down the stairs while we were sleeping LOL) and we were SO cold. It was probably low to mid 60s, not bad, but way cooler than we were used to sleeping in, especially in the summer. We only had sheets and summer clothes so we were chilly.

Truck should be here in a couple of hours. Can't wait. So much to do, but we can't do it until our stuff is here, LOL.

I need coffee. And there is no coffee maker here now. I may have to make DH go to this Tom HOrton's y'all keep talking about.
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