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Re: Basically it's Monday

Babyproofing is an ongoing process, and different for every child. Ian is 2yo and we are still babyproofing, LOL. Since he's stronger, taller, and more coordinated than his sisters were at the same age, we had a whole bunch of new challenges with him we didn't see coming.

Janine, I hate pumping. I had to do it a lot with the girls, and I decided with Ian I just wouldn't. DH was SO mad, especially when Ian turned out to refuse formula altogether. He got in the habit of giving the girls a formula bottle before bed as infants to get them to sleep longer at night, and he couldn't do that with Ian. I never had thrush with him tho, so I literally never pumped with him at nice. DOn't envy you now, with the pain and the pumping.
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