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Re: Early Gender ultrasounds

wow some of you found out REALLY early! we had ours at 17 weeks, and the ultrasound tech complained the entire time that it was really waaaay too early to tell with much accuracy. she guessed girl, but wouldn't make any promises. our midwife has repeated the "not totally sure" warning several times as well. we haven't had any more ultrasounds, and won't if everything continues to go well, so i have no idea yet if it was accurate or not. we're going with girl, and telling people girl, but adding the caveat that it was a really early ultrasound and we're just not 100%, so no one should be surprised if it's actually a boy.

i would do it if i were you (we did ours so early because we wanted to be able to tell my mil when we saw her at xmas, since she lives out of the country and we won't see her again until the baby is several months old), just make sure that your mil knows that there's a good chance it could be wrong. even later ultrasounds can always be wrong though, so i say the fun of having a gender is worth it, no matter if you get a "surprise" at the end or not my mom is a post partum nurse and she said just a couple weeks ago she had a couple in there who had had multiple ultrasounds throughout late pregnancy, and were told at all of them that it was for sure a girl. but they had a boy

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