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Originally Posted by Fryedaddy View Post
I'm really nervous about this. I'm due in 2 weeks and have a 19 month old now. He talks about the baby now but he is very attached to me and I don't know how he is gonna handle the adjustment. Right now it is just me and him during the day and he is very content. How do I bring her in while keeping him content?
My first was 18 months when #2 came along. It was hard for me to balance everyone's needs, but the good news is that neither of them remember being an only child. If he is content now, he will likely remain so. Mine was happy with a handful of cheerios on the coffee table and some blocks and the occasional video while I nursed the newbie. He learned patience and gentleness. I didn't make a big deal out of him not being the only child anymore, we just were very matter of fact about the baby joining our family and that's just how families worked.
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