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Originally Posted by Amjohnstone32 View Post
I agree that ladies and gentlemen both do it! But ladies don't do it in front of everyone. I wasn't trying to shame the act, I have told her to do it in private. But she continues to do so in certain situations. Obviously I'm not perfect, which is why I even asked the question and brought the topic up. I was asking for help, not condemnation I know that it is perfectly natural, God created those areas as a gift to enjoy. I just wanted some advice as far as how to teach what is right and what is wrong. Thanks everyone.
Repetition. Same way you teach a child anything.
I can't see your siggy so I don't know how old your DD is but my 3yr old still needs to be told the same thing 20 times a day.
Just keep telling her it needs to be done in private and redirect her. She will get it eventually.

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