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Re: light brown spotting?

I had brown spotting around 14 weeks. It was super light and very "scant." I wasn't cramping and I frequently checked babes HB with a doppler, so I wasn't too concerned. When I went in for my 16wk checkup which included a pap, my midwife said I had quite a bit of brown blood around my cervix. She said since it was brown she wasn't really concerned but she went ahead & had me go in for a sono to check my cervical length and the placenta. Everything looked great and she decided I probably just have a sensitive cervix which is okay and said as long as it didn't turn to red or get heavy, no need to worry. I spotted quite a bit after the pap, which is pretty normal.. especially since there was blood up there, and I've had 2 episodes of spotting since them. I notice that the episodes I've had recently happen after I have a day of off & on braxton hicks contractions, so I'm thinking her sensitive cervix dx is right.

It probably won't hurt to call your provider & let them know, though. Hopefully all is well.
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