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Originally Posted by mrspopo
I'm a little new to this since my oldest is only 18 months. But how do you find gender neutral products? Several times I've been looking for something only to be stuck with 2 choices: blue with cars or pink with princesses. Bath soap, electric tooth brushes, even bandaids. I'm not even going to get into clothes. I'm not sure how I'll feel about it when she's a little bit older and has a preference, so I'd love to hear from people that have BTDT already.

I guess gender neutral parenting can be done in many ways. I just strive to avoid stereotypes and be open-minded as baby figures out their identity. But I'm finding so many products that are only available in a very girl or very boy version. I'm loving Ikea - most items work well for either

This article more or less sums up my approach:
As far as toys go, we have wooden blocks (got the Melissa and Doug ones at Ross), Little People sets, play doh, crayons and all that art stuff, Haba makes nice gender neutral baby toys. Also, my girls play with babies and their play kitchen, but so does my son! He has been sleeping with a baby doll the last few nights. Ds likes his trains and cars, but so do my girls. I don't really go out of my way to find specifically gender neutral toys, but I have found that my kids all play with the same things. Don't overthink it too much.
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