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Well, we buy a lot of things used and I just don't see gender there. Toys wise, most of the stuff we have is made of wood and isn't gender specific. My daughter has a pink magnadoodle, which costs $1 more than the red one, because there were no red ones available. My son is getting a pink bilibo because pink ones are $7 cheaper than every other color on Amazon.

I'm always still sensitive to this subject, but now I follow my daughter's lead. She wants to pretend to be a princess now. It just happened, despite my internalized princess resentment. Soon, I'll have talks with her about the media and the messages it sends to kids. I've been shielding her from commercial media as much as possible but she's 4 and the world is going to find a way to get it's message through. It's up to me to make sure she knows how to see through it.
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