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Re: I need help, bonding with children that are no babies

Originally Posted by reneaumommy View Post
I have 2 bios (age 5 and 3.5) and 2 foster kids (age 4.5 and 3.5). I understand the trying to keep everything equal. Sometimes it is exhausting! I also wanted to tell you something that has helped our fosters attach to us. I rock them. I give them a sippy cup of warm chocolate milk, wrap them in a soft blanket and rock them and sing to them. I told them I didn't get to rock them when they were babies so I wanted to pretend they were babies. They love it! The will ask me to rock them now. The 3.5 year old boy was having major tantrums (2 hrs long) prior to starting the rocking. It also helped me like him more. I think it helped me see him as a hurting little boy and not just a trouble maker.
I agree with this 100%. Rocking has helped my boys as well. And, also has helped other foster children that we have had.
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