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Anyone elses baby/toddler allergic to amoxicllin?

Poor DS was on amoxicillin to fight an ear infection last week. Well, apparantly he is allergic to it and started breaking out in a rash last night and then this morning a bit more noticeable and throughout the day has spread and gotten worse. Brought him to his pedictrician earlier this morning and she said there was nothing to do about it it will go away on its own in a few days, obviously stop using the amoxicillin. We havn't given him any since last night around 7 (before we noticed the rash) He is acting fine, like his normal self, but it just kills me to see him with this nasty, red, spotty rash over his entire body!!!!
Has anyone elses' kids had this reaction? How long did it take to go away? We can give him benadryl if it is seems like it's bothering him, but so far it hasnt.
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