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Pregnant while BF? symptoms? - UPDATE

I am thinking that I may be pregnant without the return of AF. Not even sure how far along I am but guessing 8 weeks??

DS has been on solids for 3 months now. I've been tracking CM but just lately... I admit it has been very hard to do this sometimes peeing in the middle of the night in a dim bathroom holding a baby after he has just woken me (so he won't wake DH crying if I leave him down for a moment)

I am EXTREMELY tired, have other symptoms. feel stretching in my belly skin & on the sides even though I have not grown as much- woudl this be happening if I was merely gaining weight?
getting a test today, finally. My first symptom was actually increased saliva, isn't that strange?

I know other mamas have gotten pg w/ AF - what were your signs - how did you know?
When did you start showing? At times it seems like i am showing but other times it seems like just bloating/flabby skin.

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