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Re: Explain to me about cloth and circumcision

You probably will be, but I suggest doing research about the subject of types of circumcision you can do and how to care for it. Honestly, I knew more about caring for it than what the Dr told us. They gave me a sheet of paper with instructions...but that doesn't cover all the questions that may arise.

I wouldn't let the hospital do it. I would wait and have the pediatrician do it. At a hospital (if a teaching one) they may have the students do it, or a Dr that doesn't do them often may do it. Where I live, it is more common to wait until you see the Pediatrician because they perform the procedure more. My L&D nurse friend confirmed all of this with me.

I had the PlastiBel done with DS and it was so easy to take care of. I think it took 6 or 7 days to fall off. My friends who have 2 sons and different procedures liked it a lot better.

I also agree that it is rude to inject an opinion about not circumcising. We didn't get DS circumcised until he was 3 weeks because I was on the fence if we were going to do it or not. I had fears boh ways, but DH wanted it done. I did all the research and everything. I am comfortable with my decision. I am sure that you have done some serious thinking about what you are wanting to do and what DH may want to do as well. Congrats on having a little boy!
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