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Congrats, mama! Sounds like you've got a spirited one on your hands! My oldest DS was the same way at that age. He's 28mo now, and a smart, cute, fairly well behaved child, although I'm surprised I made it out alive from that age! Things WILL get better. Just keep your patience (not easy to do, I know), and keep being consistent with your boundaries. As for:

Sleep: I'd consider NOT nursing him to sleep. If he thinks he needs you to help him go to sleep, then it's harder to get you time when he naps (and kids like that, you need them to nap). If he likes to nurse, maybe have him nurse, then read him a story, then bed. I'm not a big fan of CIO, so we used the No-Cry Sleep Solution with success. If possible, you might also do well with having your DH put him to bed.

Cleaning: I agree with a PP who said not to clean up until your DS is done playing. Also, if there's any way to make clean-up a game, that worked with mine.

Communication: DS did the same thing; he had signs he used, then learned to point and babble and stopped using them. Hang in there. DS is exceedingly verbal now; some kids just want to use words more than they want to sign, which makes this time especially frustrating.

Food: All toddlers go on food jags, look at what he eats in the course of a week, not the course of a day. If you're worried about nutrition, a vitamin supplement might ease your mind a bit.

All of those things sound completely normal for a LO that age. It's a magical time, isn't it? Remember, they're only this age for a very short time (good thing, or else we'd eat them)!
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