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Re: tips for toddler undereating and pickiness?

I have an 18 month old...and what I do with her is put the food in front of her, sit down with her, and we eat together. I don't force her to eat, I just encourage her to try this or that. If she doesnt' like it or won't eat...then she can wait till the next meal. I don't think children will starve themselves. So, sometimes she won't eat anything...but at the next meal...she gobbles everything down. I limit snacks in between meals to just yogurt, cheese, or fruit...nothing too filling.

COmpared to my friend who was over just a minute ago having dinner with me...I am much more laid back. She runs after her child forcing food in her mouth and I just turn away and chuckle. But, I can understand with you why you are worried since she is in the low percentile. I think kids just go through stages.
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