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Re: Skin issues

I had some mild-moderate acne before getting pg, so had looked up what I would be able to continue to use while pg. The only thing I could find that is specifically targeted as anti-acne and safe during pg are the Sulfur products. Now, I had been using a sulfur soap before that anyway & it works well for me...& it's relatively cheap (under $5/bar & a bar can last me a year if I'm washing once a day w/ it). Also, the Queen Helene mint mask has sulfur in it. The Bare Escentuals blemish treatment is sulfur-based. Acnomel is available at many drug stores...I'm just not sure on that one b/c there's another active ingredient that I couldn't find any info re: safety in pg. Also, there are sulfur ointments out there pretty inexpensively as well.

Most of the products do smell...I mean, duh, they're sulfur, but the smell diminishes once your face is dry. It dries my skin out a lot, but my skin was oily to begin with & I always wear moisturizer anyway.

ETA: PP reminded me of it--I also use a water/apple cider vinegar solution as a toner & that has helped a great deal.
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