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Meal Plan for this week

My local sprouts finally has organic grass fed ground beef on sale again for $3.99 a pound. So I am going to stock up.
I need to come up with a meal plan for the next two weeks as I am going to be spending all of my grocery money today and I need the results to last until Oct. 5th.
Here are some of the things on my shopping list for today.

1 - Roast Beef
Meat & Poultry
1 - 100% Grass-Fed Organic Ground Beef
1 - Acorn, Butternut or Spaghetti Squash
1 - Celery
1 - Gala Organic Gala Apples
1 - Green Onions
1 - Organic Avocados
1 - Organic Gala Apples
2 - Red, Green or Black Seedless Grapes
2 - Strawberries
1 - Yellow Onions
I will also need to get bread for sandwiches since I never have any at home.

Some meals I have already added to the list.
Crockpot chili
Meatloaf(Carrots and Zucchini stuffed)
Baked spaghetti with marinara sauce , maybe with ground beef or sausage sprinkled on top.

I am way over stuffed with groceries both of my freezers, my fridge and my pantry are full of ingredients.
but I need to make a meal plan so that I actually cook because lately I have been so busy and unplanned that i have been letting the kids eat cereal for dinner.
I need to make a giant batch of Mac and cheese and puree some carrots and squash into it for the boys lunches
Dh and I can have sandwiches or leftovers so lunches are covered
I have lots of eggs, yogurt, waffles, bacon, raisin bread, and cereal for breakfast so I am covers there too.
I have chicken breasts, ground beef, and fish sticks.

So after all that what would put in your menu plan for dinner for the next two weeks if you could have anything you wanted made with chicken breasts or ground beef?
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