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Re: natural remedies for an awful cough?

Sounds like your doing a good job. Here's some more ideas:
Eucalyptes oil, gargling salt water, lemon water with honey (and cayenne if possible), raw garlic and onions, steamy showers with doors and windows closed, vitamin C, black cherry cough syrup like Expectorant, and herbal teas: thyme, fenugreek, licorice root, echinacea, elderberry.

Herbs For Kids makes this nice elderberry/vitamin C tincture for coughs that works well with my ds. Also, a spoonful of honey with lemon and cayenne on it helps a lot. Massaging is really helpful, too, because sometimes the lymph nodes need some help moving out all the bad guys. Massage the throat, shoulders, and arms as well, as they are related to the lungs.

I hope that helps! Get well soon!
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