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Must-have baby gear of share your registry!

With DS1 we had a small house and I tried to keep everything minimal, no swing, no bouncers, exersaucers, no baby bath etc etc... we didn't even need a baby monitor! Mostly I got lots of baby carriers and LOTS of diapers With DS2 we had a friend who recommended setting up places I could put the baby down where he'd be "safe" from 1.5 year old DS1 if I had to run to the bathroom or do something so we got a swing and a bouncer and they were nice to use for a few months. As a splurge I also bought a nice diaper bag which I didn't have the first time around.

Now with #3 there really isn't anything we NEED (except some girly things this time around, but we're in the position where we can afford to buy a few nice or fun things so is there anything that you love or recommend? I've been looking at Rock n play sleepers and think I can probably borrow one. Usually we just bathe the babies in the regular bathtub, but since I'll have a splashy 1.5 and 3 year old I'm thinking maybe one of those Puj foam things for the sink?

Or would anyone be interested in sharing the link to your baby registry? I love looking at people's baby registries. I don't think we'll have a shower, but probably a few family members will ask if there's anything we want so I'd like to have some ideas. Here's mine, it's not that exciting:
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