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Maxi cosi prezi disappointment

I had high hopes for the prezi and spent about a half hour playing around with it yesterday. It looks like a really cool seat but the cons outweighed the pros. It is MUCH heavier than the micro. and that stay out of the way harness is a great concept with horrible execution. Online it looks like its just stiff foam but in reality the foam padding is over a ridged plastic that has a raised ridge along the outer edge of the harness that can easily be felt through the pad. I just cant imagine that being comfortable lying across the clavical/shoulder area and because the padding if fixed there is to way to slide it down if need be. I had my youngest in it who to be fair is right at the height and weight limit and the harness padding didnt come down far enough to keep the belt from cutting into her neck and there was no way to move the padding. I should have took pics. Also we all know that most sun shades on infant seats are usually inadequate but the prezi may as well have no shade at all. Lastly, I read a complaint that the material makes her baby really sweaty.....i can see what she means! I was so excited to get this for my squish due in July but it's back to the drawing board. Anyone have this seat and have more experience with it?

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