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Originally Posted by monica-m
I am supposed to pick one up next week for review. I will link to the review when I get it written.
That would great. I watched babygizmo's review and she didn't mention any negatives except the canopy. I was reviewing car seat specs and it's suppose to be only 1 lb heavier than the micro.....there's no way! We had a micro to compare and it was waaaaay heavier. My 4yr old picked up the micro and swung it....she struggled getting the prezi off the ground.

I'm really blessed to have a BuyBuy baby like 15 min. from me. They have dozens upon dozens of the top name and designer car seats,strollers,and diaper bags. It's seriously unreal how much they carry. I think there's about 3 isles of just infant seats with choices on both sides! You name it they have it. IF ANYONE IS LOOKING FOR AN HONEST REVIEW OF SOMETHING IN PARTICULAR, LMK AND I CAN GO THERE AND DO A SHORT VIDEO FOR YOU.

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